Meet Cem

Cem Yüceer is an electronics engineer and designer with get a fantastic edutainment education. He works workshop, coffee shop and park who seasides at him for another walk.


I was born in happily Isparta at 1994. The son of a angel and a timberjack. Like every child, I used to play in games in my fantastic world. Many years later I attended the University of Gaziantep University. I was in a constant project to educate myself at university. In fact, my own development took Gaziantep.

Ceming's Things

The story actually starts like this. It was a child's dream, this is where his dreams come true. I'm trying to make new items with the eye of an engineer. I believe in Cem's Things because it engages and listens to users. He has also contributed to many projects. In this short period of time, he has added to his work in many fields of business; finishing work.


Cemings works on Robotics and entertainment. In line with these developments, it continues its future studies. Solar energy systems, mobility systems, flight systems are suitable for today and needs. It operates in the Antalya region.

Both work as freelance project-oriented. It is also able to offer its own products to the market. It also adapts product development to the Canvas model. It ensures that the product is transformed into a structure suitable for the sales model and that the product can be produced at minimum costs.