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Table Education

Let children learn algorithm and code the fun

Robot will be able to make improvements on tasks. Children will be able to offer solutions with their commands. They will also make fun content themselves. Teamwork will also develop. Developed in conjunction with DJI.

You can easily steer the robot. You able to command The obstacle avoidance of Ceming's Robot. It can make dances and changes on the system.

We enhance children to concentrate.

Coding is now frequently used in all areas of life. We use it every day in our daily lives, such as microwave ovens, smartphones or our cars. Electronic goods have always aroused curiosity for children.

Cemings started from the beginning of the story. That the children about his life connection his algorithm. In fact, it is a kind of adventure of children. If you can turn it into discovery. You become involved in their world.

How can we convey these vital theorems to the child with a story? The method was developed together with pedagogues.

Cemings has developed a new method to solve the focus problem in children. Every person has a certain capacity. We can say that in a child. In fact, he can transfer concepts mentally for the lesson. A normal person has a very good focusing time of 30-35 minutes. Children can focus for 4-10 minutes.

The robot developed by Cemings presents: It has been developed for users to be both enjoyable and instructive. Thanks to this robot, the focusing time has been increased by 400%. It has enabled children to be successful in other lessons.

Move Sensor


Move Sensor

Stress-induced reflex decreases in human psychology. I have developed a product to increase these reflexes. It stimulates your nerve cells to increase your mobility and accordingly.

  • It has been developed with ESP Espressif chips within the system. More than one module can communicate with Wi-Fi. The maximum number of attachments is 10 module. It implements communication protocols among themselves.

  • It should be specified which module is in which region. Thus, we are developing it in order to understand in which area you have low reflexes. Signals are transmitted from the software. The led flashes with the transmitted signals. You need to bring your hand closer to this sensor.

We detect the image control of the face, thus Cemings control the stress tests.

Before starting the system installation, a personality verification is done. This verification was made by taking into account facial expressions to the system. Face tension increases due to stress. As Refkles, the low-power control mechanism creates great problems for both occupational health.


Dance Floor

RGB LED Driver Systems

We change the light color according to your mass. While you are dancing, the system also works for gamification. It can invite you to the game by creating goals. The project can provide the integration of the system. DMX from the music system can also be connected for dancing.


Blender Animation

I am coding animation systems with blender program. Thus, I can provide integration. Blender provides this. It shows us in advance of the system. It can also change the system according to the wishes of the customers. Codes are processed with pyhton. As a library, I define leds as variables.


Hydroponic Farming


Every living thing has the ability to eat

Every living thing is fed. Within this logic, I developed a system that enables plants to give nutrients. Hydroponic farming works the same as the system given to plants. I feed the plants with coffee beans, banana peels, apple peels.

I made this site for sustainable organic farming. It can be done almost anywhere. It can be done with 20 liters of water together with the water cycle in the system. In order to reduce energy consumption costs, I feed the motor drivers with solar energy systems.