Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency measurement service is provided. Energy efficiency needs to be ensured to reduce energy losses. Therefore, energy costs can be quite high. It is necessary to calculate and report the energy losses of the construction. It is the whole of efficiency-enhancing measures such as steam, heat dissipation, preventing energy losses.It can be earned while spending energy efficiency. These gains can be as follows: various wastes (water, air, electricity) can be recycled and evaluated. The development of technology, energy efficient products are preferred.

The instantaneous energy demand may increase in manufacturing companies. In order to provide instant energy increases, if necessary, the importance of energy storage becomes apparent. In order to create these resources, it is necessary to be able to recover energy.

Government Supports

The Ministry of Natural Resources provides 30% grant support. The application files required to benefit from this support are prepared by us. Applications are made in January each year. The project is evaluated by the evaluation commission.

That is used in industrial enterprises responsible for appointing an Energy Manager or establishing an energy management unit. Energy management systems organized industrial zones and buildings; Compliance with the TS ISO 50001 Energy Management System user manual and conditions standard is required.

Create energy use categorization with performance indicators for industry. Evaluate the factory or hotel with a conceptual energy planning framework.



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