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People Count

The people count is designed for places where there are restrictions on entrances and exits of closed areas. Thanks to the ToF sensor inside, it can count the number of people passing through the transition point.

With the option to either include or exclude the real-time occupancy from a parent-zone, you can set target occupancy limits for individual areas of the building.

  • Super market

  • Open office

  • Cafe

  • Hotel

Indoor GPS



Indoor GPS is wireless local area network (WLAN), radio frequency identification technology (RFID), Bluetooth technology, ultra wide band (UWB) technologies are examined.

  • In short, what am I doing?

  • I can map your indoor system.

  • I can minimize the number of reflection coefficients.

  • The accuracy rate between the two products is 90%.

  • I can suggest the closest positioning. I take advantage of UWB technology.

  • You follow up to 3D vision of monitor. (Unity)

UAV- Drones



I can make a drone that I have developed with an autonomous flight control board. You can control your drone of the analysis of control systems. You can get drone software as you wish.

I devolop to work on the swarm drone. You will soon be able to order drones that you can control at the same time that can take off at the same time.



Electromagnetic Solar Charge

We all have a phone, right?

Unfortunately, with the increase in phone usage times, the charging times have decreased. We thought it would be a solar panel on the roof. At the bottom we tried to ensure that the phones were charged using the NFC features. There was a loss of energy to get here with magnetic force. We tried to make copper plates to minimize these energy losses. We had data, but we couldn't do it.

This system continues to be developed for beaches. Improvements are being made on the charging system as a microwave.


Sense Bulding

A five-star Hotel with 500 rooms, with 3.5 lt consumes 4.5 MWh of electricity. On top of that, 40-45% goes to Electricty use, especially in summer air conditioning system face to face those who go at high rates. Have 100 or more users an avarage of 1 to 2 MWh in offices consumes electricty.

4.520 Liters of water used by 1 team for 7 days was measured. Use within the team water consumption with intrinsic motivation to reduce usage has been reduced by %17.


Vertical Wind Turbine

Vertical wind turbines are efficient turbines that can be used for low consumption locations. These turbines can meet the needs of low consumption places. Its aero dynamic structure can also operate with 0.5 knots wind.

The structure does not need to be built on high places. Turbines can be used on shorelines or in roof systems.